The 1st Annual Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing

It took me a while to figure out which piece of writing to submit to this contest. I played around with a picture book submission, but the story really needs the pictures to make sense and I was nervous that it would fall flat without it, which indicates that I need to strengthen my writing… the first win while preparing for this contest!

Trying to imagine a submission for middle grade that is only 200 words was daunting… but finally, I wrote something in verse. I used to write in verse when I was younger, but I haven’t done any since I started writing for children! Writing about a topic near and dear to me that I haven’t shared much with the world was scary, challenging, and fun… and that was the second win while preparing for this contest! So no matter what happens in the contest, these wins will propel my writing forward and for that I’m grateful!

One Good Friend
By: Lexi Donahue
Genre: MG

Beautiful wild hair 
Energy that spills over 
Triggers fits of deep belly laughter 
Hustles during soccer and sings pure melody 
Yesterday I met her.                        

Sixth grade won’t be so bad. 
Even if no one else likes me. 
Each move starts with one friend. 
Someone who listens, someone who… 			

Mean, you ask? No. But they weren’t friendly. 
Eventually, it will improve if I just stay 			
I should have moped 
Solo. I go out to catch up with Bethy. And then what I see  			

This buck in my front yard with huge antlers and narrowed eyes. 
He steps forward. One, two, three steps. 
I freeze. Deer are big, you know. 
Survive. That's all I think: Survive 			

Normal people would yell. Run. Go inside. 
Obviously… I’m not normal. Because I stand there with my eyes closed. 
Rapid breathing, heart pounding. And Bethy screaming at the top of her lungs. 
My eyes fly open in time to see a soccer ball collide with the buck. 
And Bethy sprinting over arms flailing. And then all I could think is that I 
Love her. And girls can love girls. But in my family, it isn’t 			

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