Spring Fling Contest 2022

Well, it’s a year of contests for me. They’re keeping me writing and just like last year, the visual to inspire the story was so much fun! After I wrote it, I actually wanted a different gif, but I couldn’t find one that existed and I didn’t want to dive into making one… although I did consider it momentarily. Maybe you can guess what my gif would have been?

“Bip” by Lexi Donahue

"Bip!" She points.
"There's no Beeping, Aneexi."
Brow furrows. Lips purse. "Bip."
"Come on." I pull my cousin towards the slide, her one true love.
Her face lights up. "Ide!"
We climb to the top. "Feet first," I remind her.
"Whee!" Aneexi claps at the bottom. But instead of asking, "More?" she takes my hand and pulls me back under the tree.
"Aneexi, I don't know what to tell you. There's no beep." I lean over and squint, trying to figure out what she's babbling about. She takes my face between her chubby toddler hands. "Buh- ip. Bip." And a droplet falls on my nose.
"Drip?" I ask.
Her eyes light up. "Bip!"
And on the first day of spring, the sky opens and along with the sun, rain showers the playground.
Aneexi and I dance the rainbow welcome.
"Bip." I say, and I pull Aneexi into a hug.

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