2020 Holiday Writing Contest!

I found another new tradition to participate in this year: Susanna Leonard Hill’s 10th annual holiday writing contest! I love finding new traditions in 2020 almost as much as I love Hill’s theme, “holiday helpers.” Entries for the contest must…

-Be 250 words or less

-Be for children ages 12 and under

-Be about someone helping someone else during the holiday

-Have a complete story arc

To read the complete judging criteria, enter your own entry, learn about the wonderful prizes, and read other fantastic entries, check out the contest post.

I hope you enjoy my entry! I hope you go write your own holiday story. I hope you share your holiday story with me. I hope you enter it in Hill’s Holiday Contest. But most of all, I hope you have a terrific holiday season.

A Gift for the Giver

A Holiday Story by Lexi Donahue

Elidi the elf checked her list
There were gifts for everyone else.
But then she thought of Santa Claus
He never gets a gift himself!

“Attention everyone, I have an idea…”
She hollered atop her stool.
The adults just shook their heads at her.
“That youngin’ must follow THE RULE.

Sit down, little one, and craft those presents.
Plan and build the gifts on your list.
Your boys and girls, they did their best.
They hoped, and dreamed, and wished.”

Elidi questioned, “If Santa says
Giving is the best gift of all,
Then who in the world gives him a gift
After he ships the holiday haul?”

The elves looked to the right and left
Had no elf made Santa a present?
“Imagine the ground beneath Santa’s tree
The emptiness, quite unpleasant!

We’ll fill the space with just the thing…”
They painted and polished and wrapped
Glitter and ribbon flew ‘cross the room,
And once they were done, they clapped

The door creaked open and “Ho, ho, ho...”
Interrupted all the emotion
“What in the world are you building in here?
I’ve never seen such commotion!”

The elves danced and jingled around
Hoping that they could delay
“Build and wrap the real gifts, quick! 
Send Santa on his way!”

Late that eve, when he came home
A present surprised Santa there.
He winked and Elidi smiled wide,
“You gave me a gift this year!”

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