Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2021

Ciara O’Neal, writer (with many other hats), is hosting the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest for the third year in a row, but this is my first year participating! I am so grateful for the opportunity to play with words and connect with other writers in the kidlit community. I hope you enjoy my submission!

Spring's Best Enchanter
By Lexi Donahue

The earth leans towards the sun
And winter melts away.
In corners of the earth
Sit basins sealed in clay.

The water drenches all the ground,
The soil, silt, and muck.
Dry dormant eggs and seeds wake up
And feed the traveled duck.

Spring to life
Woolly head
And water clover

Welcome home
Spadefoot toad
Fairy shrimp
And piping plover

The wood frogs hop and croak and splash
While salamanders meander.
There's much to see in vernal pools.
Go visit spring's best enchanter.