#50PreciousWords 2021

Vivian Kirkfield, writer for children, hosts many writing contests through out the year that inspire, lift up, and create connections amongst writers. #50PreciousWords was the shift in revision I needed to build momentum around PB writing again!

I had a very rough draft of a PB inspired by my two year old, who very earnestly believed that the moon followed us on our afternoon walk. She traversed a wide range of emotions: scared, intrigued, and playful. I hope to never forget her discovery of the moon now that the moment is captured in these forty-nine words.

The moon was out
before sunset.

I peddled.
The moon followed.

When I hugged the tree,
the moon waited.

Up the hill
Slow and steady
The moon cheered

At the top,
I looked down
the moon by my side.

Then the moon followed me home
and wished me goodnight.