A Sunday at a NESCBWI Conference

Last Sunday I attended the final day of the 2017 NESCBWI conference. It was my first year attending, and after a single day I can confidently say I will never miss another again. I met dozens of writers and illustrators from all over New England. Writing can be an isolating activity. Just you, your story, your words. Not a the conference; at the conference I connected. Here were over 700 other people who choose to spend their time crafting, creating, revising. I felt like I belonged.

I learned from experts in the field. I left with ideas, I left with inspiration. Mostly though, I left with homework.

  1. Create an author’s website. Check!
  2. Map out my most current polished work. Check!
  3. Follow new connections on twitter. Check!
  4. Find teaching with text sets and Betsy’s blog. In Progress.
  5. Submit work to Editors and Agents from the conference. In Progress.
  6. Record yourself reading your work and play it back to hear how it sounds.
  7. Show up. Just write. An every day goal.

I am so thankful to NESCBWI for all of the connections I made and all of the learning I will do because of the conference. Keep connecting writers! It’s worth it.